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1.  The Pathways To Compliance

Now more than ever, it is vital for today’s building industry professionals to learn the Pathways to NCC Compliance.

Weathertex, Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of timber cladding solutions, invites you to learn more about this topical subject by attending our new Weathertex Pathways to Compliance FORMAL CPD presentation.

During this formal CPD workshop, you will come to understand the six methods of documentary evidence as required to comply with the BCA/NCC, understand the difference between each method, and where they may be used.

Referencing ABCB resources, this easy to follow presentation offers solid performance-based solutions, plus vital information such as required documentation, sustainability frameworks, product components, NCC accreditation, CodeMark Australia and the role of technical consultants.

CPD Presentation accredited by BDAA. 1 Formal CPD Point.

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29th June 2021 - 12:30pm (AEST)


Learn all you need to know about condensation and mould within stud wall construction.

Upon successful completion of this CPD webinar, participants will be able to demonstrate a general understanding of the following learning outcomes:
•  History – factors contributing to increased condensation
•  Mould – risks and possible damage
•  Condensation & Vapour – the Science
•  Solutions – address the issue
•  R Values – clarifying the facts

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

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8th June 2021 - 10am (AEST)

3.  Fire Safety when using Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for Australian commercial and domestic buildings due to its striking natural aesthetic, durability and low environmental impact. However the strong fire-resistant qualities of timber are often unknown or poorly understood.

This presentation clarifies combustible and non-combustible materials, the science of how timber reacts in a fire, and the building codes in relation to timber cladding and compliance.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

• Examine the nature of recent non-compliant cladding incidents
• Recognize the fire resistant properties of timber
• Describe in detail the DtS applications for timber cladding in the NCC

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

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11th May 2021 - 10am (AEST)

16th June 2021 - 12:30pm (AEST)

4.  Building Sustainably with Timber

If sustainably sourced, timber is undoubtedly one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials currently available, being a natural carbon sink and truly renewable.

With an overwhelming global shift towards environmentally-focused sustainable designs, more and more specifiers are turning towards timber as a building material for its sustainability, aesthetic qualities, ease of transport and speed of construction.

This presentation run by Weathertex clarifies the benefits for using sustainable products during construction, compares timber to other building materials as well as examining greenwashing and the various third party accreditations available within the building industry.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

• Examine the reasons & benefits for using sustainable construction products
• Learn how timber embodies energy and is the ultimate renewable resource
• Learn about the carbon cycle and the benefits of timber
• Compare how timber cladding rates against other materials
• CLT in Australia
• Examine various third party sustainability certification organisations and understand the concept of ‘greenwashing’
• Learn the difference between EPD vs LCA
• Learn how Australia rates against the rest of the world

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

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24th June 2021 - 10am (AEST)


The benefits of selecting  ‘healthier’ products

At the beginning 2020, many of us felt that this was going to be a big year, but none of us expected the huge impact that has come with COVID 19. Our shared global experience of the last seven months has brought the topic of health starkly into focus.

Similar to food, many building materials today are highly processed and sometimes include toxic chemicals which may adversely affect our health. Simply by living in a modern home or work environment, we may unwittingly compromise our daily health.

Through better planning and informed choices—frequently at little or no additional cost—we can select more natural and healthier building materials and products, which will achieve a healthier, more sustainable outcome, often by using  better quality materials that will last longer and have a smaller environmental footprint.

Four years ago, Global GreenTag International launched their Product Health Declaration (PHD) – the GreenTag PHD with a HealthRATED outcome. This rating tool uniquely illustrates the toxicology of a product’s ingredients, and highlights its health impacts on the end-user.

Join Weathertex together with Global GreenTag and the following respected building brands to discuss the benefits of selecting healthier building materials and the journeys they take within their businesses to create a better, healthier future.

Learn and Earn 1 Informal CPD Point.

Weathertex … A better choice, Naturally!

David Baggs, CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International

Voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Green Leaders and Top 100 Sustainability Leaders Globally, David is a world-renowned sustainability and materials expert, Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, as well as CEO and Program Director of the Global GreenTagCertTM Certification Program, the world’s leading ‘Beyond LCA’ based product ecolabel, Certification Mark and Product Health Declaration (GreenTag PhD) and EPD Program Operators for healthy and environmentally conscious products on the planet. David is also a multi-award winning green building architect, author, Exemplar Global Lead Auditor, GBCA Materials Expert Panel member and Past President of the Australian LCA Society.

Jason O’Hagan, Managing Director at Weathertex

Jason O’Hagan has been in the building industry for over 30 years, with 7 of those years as Managing Director at Weathertex. His focus is to continue to provide affordable sustainable cladding and building solutions within the construction building industry. During his time he has watched the business thrive with practices that has been implemented from the very beginning all the way to now, and is committed in delivering customers with product  transparency and the most sustainable ‘healthier’ cladding material possible.

Weathertex product is 100% natural, made from Australian hardwood timber, the ultimate renewal building material.  Due to the uniqueness of their product, Weathertex also export a large selection of our products to various continents across the globe.

Weathertex product transparency together with their  focus to providing high quality service and product, resulted in Weathertex been voted #1 MOST TRUSTED BRAND in the Architecture & Design Brand Survey, consecutively  in 2016 and 2018.

Amy Costello, Sustainability Manager at Armstrong Flooring

Amy Costello, P.E., is the Sustainability Manager at Armstrong Flooring, a global floor design and manufacturing corporation based in Lancaster, Pa and the only resilient flooring manufacturer in Australia. Amy is responsible for developing and managing sustainability strategies and initiatives and chairs the Armstrong Flooring Global Sustainability Steering Committee, which provides governance and sets the business direction regarding material sustainability issues.  Amy chairs the ASTM Sustainable Manufacturing Sub-Committee and serves on the International Well Building Institute’s Material Advisory Committee. Costello is a former member of the Board of Directors for both ASTM International and United States Green Building Council (USGBC).  Amy received her master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a licensed Professional Engineer who holds both a LEED and WELL Accredited Professional certification.

Dr Rod Vockler, Technical Manager at Dulux Australia

Dr Rod Vockler has over 25 years’ experience in the coatings industry working across product development, packaging, quality and sustainability roles. He specialises in key sustainability topics of LCA, EPD and eco-accreditation. Rod was the technical chair working with the APMF in the early setup of the paint recovery scheme “Paintback” and was also the technical project lead when the first Australian carbon neutral certification of commercialised coating products was achieved under the former government Greenhouse Friendly program. Rod has a BSc (Hons) (Chemistry) and PhD in Organic Synthetic Chemistry.


1. Inspirational Designs Virtual Tool

Learn all you need to know how to use Weathertex’s Inspirational Designs Virtual Tool. Select from our gallery or upload your own photo and see how our wide range of products can transform your project. Inspirational designs made easy.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

      • Understand how our tool is used
      • Use Weathertex gallery or upload your own photo
      • Demonstrate how to use once upload your own photo
      • Show how samples can be ordered directly from tool
      • Show how you can print report outlining profiles and paint information
      • Show how you can share
      • Show how the tool can be used from a builders/designers perspective
      • Show it can be used on renders
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Customer Zoom Meetings

Besides from our large webinars, Weathertex have also introduced Customer Zoom video meeting capabilities. This will allow our customers to still continue communication with us in a similar face-to-face arrangement. Please contact your Business Development Manager or email us on marketing@weathertex.com.au if you are interested in the following:

  1. Project/Technical video meetings with you and your colleagues to discuss specifications, product information, take offs and/or obtain technical advice
  2. An exclusive CPD video Presentation with you or your firm.

PODCAST – Why Renovators Should Be Aware Of Mould

“In this episode, I invited Andrew Savage as my special guest to discuss and share his knowledge about mould. This topic is not quite pleasant to everyone but it’s very important to renovators.

Andrew is a Business Development Manager for Architecture and Design in New South Wales and he will share how mould grows in houses and buildings, why it exists and how to address it.” –