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1.  The Pathways To Compliance

Now more than ever, it is vital for today’s building industry professionals to learn the Pathways to NCC Compliance.

Weathertex, Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of timber cladding solutions, invites you to learn more about this topical subject by attending our new Weathertex Pathways to Compliance FORMAL CPD presentation.

During this formal CPD workshop, you will come to understand the six methods of documentary evidence as required to comply with the BCA/NCC, understand the difference between each method, and where they may be used.

Referencing ABCB resources, this easy to follow presentation offers solid performance-based solutions, plus vital information such as required documentation, sustainability frameworks, product components, NCC accreditation, CodeMark Australia and the role of technical consultants.

CPD Presentation accredited by BDAA. 1 Formal CPD Point.

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Learn all you need to know about condensation and mould within stud wall construction.

Upon successful completion of this CPD webinar, participants will be able to demonstrate a general understanding of the following learning outcomes:
•  History – factors contributing to increased condensation
•  Mould – risks and possible damage
•  Condensation & Vapour – the Science
•  Solutions – address the issue
•  R Values – clarifying the facts

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

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3.  Fire Safety when using Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for Australian commercial and domestic buildings due to its striking natural aesthetic, durability and low environmental impact. However the strong fire-resistant qualities of timber are often unknown or poorly understood.

This presentation clarifies combustible and non-combustible materials, the science of how timber reacts in a fire, and the building codes in relation to timber cladding and compliance.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

• Examine the nature of recent non-compliant cladding incidents
• Recognize the fire resistant properties of timber
• Describe in detail the DtS applications for timber cladding in the NCC

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

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Mon 20 June 12:30pm

4.  Building Sustainably with Timber

If sustainably sourced, timber is undoubtedly one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials currently available, being a natural carbon sink and truly renewable.

With an overwhelming global shift towards environmentally-focused sustainable designs, more and more specifiers are turning towards timber as a building material for its sustainability, aesthetic qualities, ease of transport and speed of construction.

This presentation run by Weathertex clarifies the benefits for using sustainable products during construction, compares timber to other building materials as well as examining greenwashing and the various third party accreditations available within the building industry.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

• Examine the reasons & benefits for using sustainable construction products
• Learn how timber embodies energy and is the ultimate renewable resource
• Learn about the carbon cycle and the benefits of timber
• Compare how timber cladding rates against other materials
• CLT in Australia
• Examine various third party sustainability certification organisations and understand the concept of ‘greenwashing’
• Learn the difference between EPD vs LCA
• Learn how Australia rates against the rest of the world

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

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Archicad: Weathertex Guide

For the first time ever, Weathertex full range of weatherboards and architectural panels are now available in Archicad. 

The Weathertex Archicad project file contains all families and types laid out side by side. It includes sample views such as Floor Plans, Elevations, Construction Details, 3D perspectives and a preconfigured Schedule allowing Archicad users to quickly assess the families’ performance in a project environment.

Kristian Bursell

Kristian has been creating GDL Archicad content for 20 years, forming Cadswift in 2008 to provide highly parametric BIM objects for Archicad. After working in some of the most progressive Archicad using Architectural firms, prior to 2008, Kristian had developed a reputation with the main Archicad influencers in Australia as a talented content creator. Over the last 12 years that reputation has extended worldwide. Cadswift now has an extensive range of Archicad tools that push the limits of parametric geometry and component management. Our user base extends to most countries and includes 100s of companies, many of which are the top firms within their region.

Virtual Reality in Design Communication

If you want to truly put your building concepts on centre stage, consider a 3D walkthrough animation.

Designers, builders and clients all have varied abilities and methods when it comes to communication. As a result, tools used for communication must be altered to suit the individual and their circumstances. Rocco Alvaro, Director Vavedo Visual will demonstrate a simplified method of communication that is flexible and covers a multitude of industries and individuals using one tool. 

A designer may want to communicate their concepts to a client with limited focus on technical details. The same designer draws focus on communicating technical details of the design to a builder. We will discuss how flexible communication creates a set, single visual representation of a development, and an eased design process with all parties focusing on the overall concept rather than individual elements.


Developers sometimes are unable to provide a  physical demonstration of a building, prior to construction. With 2D plans being difficult for some clients to read, we will discuss how providing a virtual representation enables clients to foresee the design which enables developers to sell off the plan more effectively. We will discuss how VR creates better communication between buyers and sellers – ensuring client satisfaction and developer accountability.


Lack of skill in interpreting 2D plans makes client understanding of their designs difficult. We will discuss how we are enabling clients to see their 2D plansets, as a virtual walkthrough. This increases confidence in clients; promoting questioning within the plan design, and allowing clients to feel more engaged in the planning process of their design. 

Learn and Earn 1 Informal CPD Point.

Weathertex … A better choice, Naturally!

Rocco Alvaro, Director, Vavedo Visual

Rocco Alvaro is a registered Architect with a commitment to improving visual communication in design. Rocco has worked over the years to provide better methods of demonstrating his designs to his clients. He is the Director of Vavedo Visual, a Virtual Reality company with a mission to allow everybody the ability to read and understand floor plans.

Global Greentag International – what makes them unique as building product certifiers?

More recently, Global Greentag has taken on the critical task of eliminating Modern Slavery from supply chains. But what puts Greentag in a unique position to help build trust in the green marketplace and maybe even save the planet in the process? Join David Baggs and Mary-Lou Kelly from Global Greentag to learn more.

Weathertex … A better choice, Naturally!

David Baggs, CEO and Program Director at Global GreenTag Australia

David Baggs is CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTagCertTM Australia and the World’s leading LCA based product ecolabelling, rating, certification, EPD and Product Health Declaration (PhD) Program Operator. Voted one of Australia’s Top 100 Most Trusted Building Sector Brands, GreenTag guarantees professionals peace of mind when purchasing or specifying via robust independent science and transparency reporting. David is a multi-award winning green building architect and world renowned sustainability and materials expert, author and keynote speaker with nearly 40 years’ experience. Voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Green Leaders and one of the Top 100 Sustainability Leaders Globally, he is Chair of the Green Building Council of Australia’s Materials Expert Group, an Exemplar Global Lead Auditor and a Past President of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society.

R U OK Webinar… Weathertex Talks with NRL Legends Wayne Pearce and Chris Walker

As part of R U OK Day, Jason O’Hagan, Managing Director of Weathertex will be interviewing NRL legends Wayne Pearce and Chris Walker to discuss some of their career highlights, how they managed their own wellbeing during high pressured situations and challenges and current charity work involvement.

Jason O’Hagan

Wayne Pearce

Wayne Pearce’s reputation as a professional rugby league player and coach precedes him. His rise from humble beginnings growing up in the inner Sydney suburb of Balmain to become an International rugby league player is one of those great inspirational stories that never fails to stir the Australian spirit. Wayne continues to lead by example as is evidenced by his role as a Commissioner of the Australian Rugby League, which is the governing body of Rugby League in Australia. Most recently,
Wayne was asked to organise and lead the high-profile Project Apollo team, which was the mission to get the NRL back up and running during the Covid-19 crisis. As a result, the NRL defied the odds to become the first full contact professional sport in the world to resume their competition during the pandemic.

Chris Walker

Chris Walker, former National Rugby League and State of Origin star represented six NRL clubs during his spectacular NRL career, whilst also representing his beloved Maroons at State of Origin level on 6 occasions. Motivated by the hardship being felt across the country, due to COVID19, Chris Walker set off on a brutal 1,757km charity walk from Cairns to the Gold Coast, his aim to assist those in need across the country, through the provision of crucial funds to his chosen charities on the Fund My Challenge platform – https://www.fundmychallenge.com/.

Circular Economies and the Built Environment

Simply put, a circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment. In contrast to the ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources, by designing-out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible, and regenerating natural systems. Business and Political leaders alike are coming to the realisation that continuous economic growth through endless consumption is not a sustainable way forward. Join us as we explore how circular economies may provide hope for sustainability and economic prosperity to co-exist.

Weathertex … A better choice, Naturally!

Ashleigh Morris, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coreo

As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coreo, Ashleigh is on a mission to empower organisations to transition to circular economy principles. Ashleigh received the Lord Mayor’s Young Business Person of the Year Award and has been recognised as a global Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influential Leader for 2020. Ashleigh is a Prime Ministers Scholar, an Australian ASEAN Emerging Leader and an invitee to the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.

Having presented to two Australian Prime Ministers, Ashleigh has also travelled with the Federal Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment to Japan on a Future Leaders, Future Cities Business Mission and represented Australia as a panellist and speaker at the 2019 World Circular Economy Forum alongside the former European Commissioner for the Environment.

Ashleigh holds a Bachelor of Environmental Health Science with Faculty Commendation for academic excellence, 1st Class Honours in Environmental Management, and the highest honour, the University Medal.

Is passivehaus the future for Australian House Design?

Dick and his colleagues at Envirotecture have carved out a reputation as the main ‘go-to’ Passive Haus design practice in NSW, having designed all three Certified Passive Haus projects built to date in NSW.

Europe is leading the way when it comes to the Passive Haus movement, but is it necessary in Australia? Tune in to find out… the answer may surprise you.

Weathertex … A better choice, Naturally!

Dick Clarke, Principal, Envirotecture

Dick Clarke is principal of Envirotecture, Architects and Building Designers who focus exclusively on ecologically sustainable and culturally appropriate buildings. Dick holds a Master of Sustainable Futures degree and is Director of Sustainability for the NSW Chapter of the Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA). Dick is also a Past President and current Board Member of the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA).

Andy Marlow, Director, Envirotecture

Andy Marlow, Director at Envirotecture, holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture, is a certified Passive House Designer and is a regular speaker at conferences on sustainability, design principles, materials specification, community engagement and the future of our cities including the national conferences of both the Planning Institute of Australia and the Green Building Council of Australia. Previously Andy was a Board Member of the Australian Passive House Association, Co-Chair of the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Sustainability Committee and sits on the Property Council of Australia NSW Sustainability Committee and the Green Building Council of Australia NSW Industry Group.


1. Inspirational Designs Virtual Tool

Learn all you need to know how to use Weathertex’s Inspirational Designs Virtual Tool. Select from our gallery or upload your own photo and see how our wide range of products can transform your project. Inspirational designs made easy.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

      • Understand how our tool is used
      • Use Weathertex gallery or upload your own photo
      • Demonstrate how to use once upload your own photo
      • Show how samples can be ordered directly from tool
      • Show how you can print report outlining profiles and paint information
      • Show how you can share
      • Show how the tool can be used from a builders/designers perspective
      • Show it can be used on renders
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Customer Zoom Meetings

Besides from our large webinars, Weathertex have also introduced Customer Zoom video meeting capabilities. This will allow our customers to still continue communication with us in a similar face-to-face arrangement. Please contact your Business Development Manager or email us on marketing@weathertex.com.au if you are interested in the following:

  1. Project/Technical video meetings with you and your colleagues to discuss specifications, product information, take offs and/or obtain technical advice
  2. An exclusive CPD video Presentation with you or your firm.

PODCAST – Why Renovators Should Be Aware Of Mould

“In this episode, I invited Andrew Savage as my special guest to discuss and share his knowledge about mould. This topic is not quite pleasant to everyone but it’s very important to renovators.

Andrew is a Business Development Manager for Architecture and Design in New South Wales and he will share how mould grows in houses and buildings, why it exists and how to address it.” –