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Women in Construction

Building and construction is the nation’s second largest industry. It impacts on our everyday lives by building our communities and the homes, schools, hospitals, roads, offices, shops and airports that we take for granted. It also builds prosperity in every city, town and region employing more than a million people.
But with women currently making up only 11% of the industry’s total workforce and only 1% of building trades, the industry is missing out on the skills and talents of half the population.
Great architecture, design and construction have no gender.
Attracting the best the workers regardless of their gender means the industry will benefit and evolve with new skills, ideas and innovations, the business success of building businesses will be boosted and more women can take advantage of the fantastic career and job opportunities that our industry has on offer.
To empower and inspire women within the design, construction and related industries, Weathertex have brought together respected industry professionals to discuss their background, experience, the benefits in working within the building industry, any misconceptions and challenges faced by women working in our industry.

Anne Wilson, CEO at PrefabAUS

Anne Wilson is the new Chief Executive Officer of prefabAUS having commenced on 2 March, 2020. She believes there has never been a more important time to step into this role and work with and on behalf of the prefabricated construction industry. Anne is an experienced Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director with a diverse track record of restructuring, repositioning and growing organisations to meet stakeholder needs while attracting investment for financial sustainability and growth. She has worked across the education and health NFP sectors focussing on capacity building across key areas of advocacy, education, research and service delivery among others. A graduate of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business NFP Leadership Program Anne’s qualifications span degrees in Human Services and Adolescent Health. In 2008, Anne was the winner of the NFP Network Association CEO of the Year award. Active on the international stage Anne is currently Director and Secretary/Treasurer of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition with offices in the Netherlands and the UK.

With strong social justice values, a passion for stakeholder engagement and working collaboratively to achieve business outcomes Anne is committed to increasing the impact of the industry voice in prefabricated construction across Australia.

Karen Newberry, QLD Building Manager at AV Jennings

Bringing over 20 years’ experience in residential and commercial construction both in Australian and overseas, Karen brings a fresh perspective to construction methodologies through experience gained both on site and as a Director. Karen’s work experience prior to her journey to construction was as a business analyst and finance executive working across a wide range of property and market related sectors. For the last two years Karen has been working with the team at AVJennings Queensland as a Construction Manager. She is also in her final stages of completing her law degree and holds a Certificate IV in Construction and Business Management. Right now, Karen and her team are in the process of completing several projects for AVJennings the most recent of which was Anise Stage 1/19 Units plus 64 units of civil infrastructure at Bridgeman Downs that was completed in 131 days from start to finish!

Tamika Smith, Executive Director at Top 100 Women in Construction

Recently named “The Most Influential Woman in Construction”, Tamika’s expertise ranges from project management, development, to top salesperson within Australia’s largest residential building company. Starting in the construction sector at just 19, having her own company from the age of 21, Tamika’s career scaled further into residential projects delivering an end-to-end development model, soon specialising in delivering social and affordable housing. The Top 100 Women is a Professional Industry Association for women in construction, connecting some 13,500 individuals all over the world. The recently released technology platform has been regarded as an “essential tool for women in the construction sector,” changing the game as we know it today within male dominated segments all over the world. Now backed by some of the largest companies in the world including BHP, Western Sydney University and recognised as the largest online community for women in construction globally.



1. Inspirational Designs Virtual Tool

Learn all you need to know how to use Weathertex’s Inspirational Designs Virtual Tool. Select from our gallery or upload your own photo and see how our wide range of products can transform your project. Inspirational designs made easy.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

      • Understand how our tool is used
      • Use Weathertex gallery or upload your own photo
      • Demonstrate how to use once upload your own photo
      • Show how samples can be ordered directly from tool
      • Show how you can print report outlining profiles and paint information
      • Show how you can share
      • Show how the tool can be used from a builders/designers perspective
      • Show it can be used on renders
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Customer Zoom Meetings

Besides from our large webinars, Weathertex have also introduced Customer Zoom video meeting capabilities. This will allow our customers to still continue communication with us in a similar face-to-face arrangement. Please contact your Business Development Manager or email us on marketing@weathertex.com.au if you are interested in the following:

  1. Project/Technical video meetings with you and your colleagues to discuss specifications, product information, take offs and/or obtain technical advice
  2. An exclusive CPD video Presentation with you or your firm.


1.  Building Sustainably with Timber

If sustainably sourced, timber is undoubtedly one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials currently available, being a natural carbon sink and truly renewable.

With an overwhelming global shift towards environmentally-focused sustainable designs, more and more specifiers are turning towards timber as a building material for its sustainability, aesthetic qualities, ease of transport and speed of construction.

This presentation run by Weathertex clarifies the benefits for using sustainable products during construction, compares timber to other building materials as well as examining greenwashing and the various third party accreditations available within the building industry.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

• Examine the reasons & benefits for using sustainable construction products
• Learn how timber embodies energy and is the ultimate renewable resource
• Learn about the carbon cycle and the benefits of timber
• Compare how timber cladding rates against other materials
• CLT in Australia
• Examine various third party sustainability certification organisations and understand the concept of ‘greenwashing’
• Learn the difference between EPD vs LCA
• Learn how Australia rates against the rest of the world

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

For more information or to register click below

12TH AUGUST 2020 - 12:30 PM (AEST)

Please download CPD assessment questionnaire prior to start of webinar


Learn all you need to know about condensation and mould within stud wall construction.

Upon successful completion of this CPD webinar, participants will be able to demonstrate a general understanding of the following learning outcomes:
•  History – factors contributing to increased condensation
•  Mould – risks and possible damage
•  Condensation & Vapour – the Science
•  Solutions – address the issue
•  R Values – clarifying the facts

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

For more information or to register click below

1ST SEPTEMBER 2020 - 12:30 PM (AEST)

Please download CPD assessment questionnaire prior to start of webinar

3.  Fire Safety when using Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for Australian commercial and domestic buildings due to its striking natural aesthetic, durability and low environmental impact. However the strong fire-resistant qualities of timber are often unknown or poorly understood.

This presentation clarifies combustible and non-combustible materials, the science of how timber reacts in a fire, and the building codes in relation to timber cladding and compliance.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

• Examine the nature of recent non-compliant cladding incidents
• Recognize the fire resistant properties of timber
• Describe in detail the DtS applications for timber cladding in the NCC

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

For more information or to register click below

25TH AUGUST 2020 - 12:30 PM (AEST)

Please download CPD assessment questionnaire prior to start of webinar