What makes Weathertex’s cladding more sustainable than other products? We’ve been through a rigorous evaluation from Global GreenTag to determine our “green performance” compared to others in the market. [We] were the first manufacturer globally to receive a GreenTag Platinum certification with a GreenRate Level A for our natural range products. We also received Gold certification for our primed flat cladding and wall panel sheets, which is also a great achievement. In order to obtain those accreditations, GreenTag had to perform a lifecycle assessment, and evaluate the environmental and health impact over the life of our products as well as eco-toxicity. Our manufacturing process, which uses 97 percent sustainably-sourced Australian hardwood timber and 3 percent added paraffin wax (without any added chemicals or toxins) – paired with our product being 100 percent biodegradable and our better than zero-carbon footprint, meant that we excelled in these categories. All of our timber is PEFC-certified [meaning] we can support the sustainable management of Australian forests and the workforce of Australia. For the same reasons, we’ve been able to meet the requirements set by the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star program [and achieve] maximum rating points for wall cladding and panels. We were also the first company to obtain a Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration (PhD), and the first cladding company to be [listed] in the Declare Label Program. In terms of design, what type of projects are your products mostly used in? We predominantly supply [for] detached housing and multi-dwellings, [meaning] apartments or town houses up to four storeys high. However, our products are extremely versatile due to their flexibility, light weight and durability, so they are also often used on pre-fabricated buildings, internal applications, school halls, exhibition centres, shop fit-outs and ceiling linings. How has GreenTag certification helped your brand? It [has] certainly played a large role in being voted Architecture & Design’s #1 most-trusted brand, and it goes to show how consumers today want to make responsible purchase decisions that benefit the wider community. Our transparency and ability to provide our customers with certifications from independent reputable third-party programs has undoubtedly given us a competitive edge in the market. I suppose it also gives consumers some peace of mind. Definitely, it’s one thing to say your product is sustainable, but it’s another to actually back it up with third-party independent certifications. This, coupled with our recent PhD accreditation and [listing in] the Declare Label program, again shows how Weathertex is committed to providing transparency of our products and manufacturing processes.