T he Sustainability Awards 2017 are only a few months away, and Architecture & Design is proud to announce Weathertex as the official sponsor for the ‘Multiple Dwelling’ category. Architecture & Design spoke to Jason O’Hagan, Weathertex’s managing director, about the value of third-party certification and the history of Weathertex’s manufacturing processes. Weathertex recently received the first Platinum certification from GreenTag globally for their ‘Natural’ range of timber products. In light of that, could you explain the difference between an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and a Lifecycle Analysis (LCA)? Essentially, an EPD is a lifecycle assessment, although an LCA can be produced by a manufacturer, who may be making favourable assumptions about a product that can skew the results (regarding its longevity, [for example]). On the other hand, an EPD is issued by an independent programme operator, such as Global GreenTag. [It follows] a set of product category rules [that ensure] the products are assessed in a consistent and unbiased manner. This process is controlled by International (ISO) and European (EN) standards. An EPD assesses the environmental impacts of a product through its entire lifecycle, taking into consideration the manufacturing, transportation, assembly, use and disposal of the product. Sustainability Awards 2017: Q&A with Jason O’Hagan Managing Director of Weathertex