T he finalists and winners of the 2017 Sustainability Awards make clear that the architecture, design and construction sectors are serious about making the built environment much more sustainable, and about significantly reducing their impact. This year’s awards – which represented the 11th annual program – were the culmination of decades of research and industry application for many of our entrants, the fruits of which were patently evident with the winners on the night across all 1 3 awards categories. The Multiple Dwelling category in particular received an overwhelming number of entries. In many ways, this is not surprising, as industry strives to keep up with the needs of a growing and densified population in Australia’s major cities. According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA), one in every four (or 25 percent) of all new homes built in Australia today are classified as multiple dwelling structures. The ABS estimates that roughly 200,000 homes are built in Australia each year, which makes at least 50,000 of these of the multiple dwelling variety. This increase in multiple dwelling construction comes down to a range of factors, including the nature of land supply and affordability considerations, along with a desire to reside near employment centres and amenities. Given that these factors are likely to increase in importance, this type of housing is expected to continue to play an even more important role in the housing supply of the future. Companies like Weathertex, which produce sustainable timber exterior wall cladding systems, are set to play an increasingly important role in this changing housing climate. Many of the company’s products have been designed for detached housing and multiple dwellings, as well as for apartments and townhouses. With their recent PhD accreditation and listing in the Declare Label program, Weathertex has shown that they are committed to providing transparency across all their products and manufacturing processes, meaning that they’ll also be working to ensure this new wave of housing stock is as responsibly built, high-quality and sustainable as possible. - Branko Miletic, Infolink Editor 2017