NEW Selflok Ecogroove 75 



The new Selflok Ecogroove 75mm profiles are available NOW!

Selflok Ecogroove 75mm Natural & Smooth profiles are the perfect additions to Weathertex’s existing Selflok Ecogroove range, which also includes 150mm & 300mm profiles. Selflok flat panelled weatherboards are a fresh alternative to traditional lapped planks, providing a stylish and practical solution for residential and commercial projects.

Selfok’s versatility and flexibility with a radius curve minimum of 2500mm makes it unique to other cladding materials, it allows for endless unique curved designs without incurring hefty costs.

Weathertex’s strikingly modern Selflok Ecogroove 75mm cladding is the perfect addition to the Slim & Groovy trend that continues to grow and take over within residential and commercial design and is sure to be in hot demand within architects, designs, builders and renovators across Australia and overseas.

Weatherboard size 3660mm x 300mm.
NEW traditional joiner also available for Selflok Ecogroove 75mm Smooth.