V-Groove-150-NaturalWTX_0102WTX_0104Selflok Vgroove Natural 150mmWTX_0001


The new Natural range is a natural unprimed board which provides a unique appearance with the characteristics and look of raw, undressed timber. The Natural surface is pressed to create a woodgrain effect. Its rough deep cut pattern shows all the knots, cracks and imperfections of natural timber. When the Natural surface is oiled, the look of fresh brown timber is maintained. When allowed to weather naturally, the depth of colour will vary, subject to location and sun exposure. Weathertex’s natural finished products are covered by a 10 year warranty not to rot, split or crack.

The 300mm board contains one 5mm wide groove and the beginning of a second groove. The groove begins with a deep 5mm groove. The Vgroove base is very narrow and rounded. This is then followed by a sharp 5mm rise, which meets with the Natural surface. When the following board is placed above the previous, the second groove is complete.

Dimensions: 3660mm x 300mm

Thickness: 9.5mm

Weight per board: 10.6 kg

Bal Rating: 19

*Drawing not to scale