Selflok-Millwood-SmoothExterior 3Gibbs_3WTX_0007Selflok Millwood SmoothSelflok Millwood SmoothSelflok Millwood Smooth


Selflok Weatherboards have a super simple self locking system that aligns every board perfectly. Precise routing gives the product a beautiful and unique ship lapped profile which has become the all time Weathertex favourite.

Selflok Millwood Smooth board has a smooth flat surface finish. The 300mm board contains two 25mm pattern indentations. The pattern begins with a narrow groove, with a flat base. This is followed by a semi circle ridge; a small curve then eventuates, allowing the pattern to meet with the smooth finish of the Millwood Smooth board. When the following board is placed on the previous, both boards create the second pattern indentation.

Curved walls can be achieved down to a minimum 2.5m radius for Selflok.

Dimensions: 3660mm x 300mm

Thickness: 9.5mm

Weight per board: 10.6 kg          Weight/m2: 10kg

Bal Rating: 19

*Drawing not to scale

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