b'Architectural PanelsWeathergroove PanelsSmooth, Ruff-Sawn or Woodsman textured Weathergroove Panels display regular vertical grooves. Rebated edges combine with Weathergroove joiners to provide a hidden vertical panel joint. Able to be joined on or off-stud. Due to the cutting method there may be slight deviations in the groove tolerance on 75mm panels. 75 Smooth 150 Smooth 150 Ruff-Sawn3660mm x1196mm 3660mmx 1196mm3660mmx 1196mm2745mmx 1196mm2745mm x1196mm2440mmx 1196mm2440mm x1196mm 150 Woodsman 300 Smooth 600 Smooth3660mmx 1196mm3660mm x1196mm3660mmx 1196mm2745mm x1196mm2745mm x1196mm 2745mm x1196mm2440mm x1196mm1200 SmoothGOLD3660mm x1196mm2745mm x1196mm EcoWall Panels Rubix PanelsEcoWalloffersamodernexpressjoinstylebyincorporatingbothverticalandRubix Panel is a self-locking Architectural Panel designed to be horizontal express joins. Large panel sizes allow for quick installation and versatility. joined on or off stud without the need for joining accessories.Smooth Woodsman (3660 x 1220mm only) Sizes:1200mm x 1200mm EcoWall Smooth Sizes:1200mm x 900mm 3660mmx1220mm 2745mmx1220mm 2440mmx1220mm1220mmx1220mm 1220mmx 915mm7'