b"PRODUCT RANGESWeatherboardsClassic WeatherboardsWeathertex Classic Weatherboards include smooth and featured surface planks for lapped applications:ClassicRusticated3660mm x 200mm 3660mm x 300mm3660mm x 200mmSmooth Ruff-Sawn Smooth Ruff-SawnSelflok WeatherboardsSelflokWeatherboards are routed during manufacturing with a self-locking feature to allow each board to accurately align above one another, providing a clean and neat finish. Semi-concealed fixing in many wind areas is also possible. Ecogroove Woodsman available un-primed.MillwoodColonial Texwood 3660mm x 300mm 3660mm x 300mm 3660mm x 300mmSmooth Ruff-Sawn Smooth SmoothEcogroove 150^ Ecogroove 300^3660mm x 300mm 3660mm x 300mmSmooth Woodsman Smooth Woodsman^ Refers to groove spacing. ^Refers to groove spacing.GOLDSelflok Range* Refer to Weathertex Manufacturer's Warranty Conditions5"