b'InstallationOF RUBIX PANELSPreparationFor general framing requirements and construction details refer to sections covered under General Requirements for All Products. Rubix Panels have a self-locking profile and do not require any joining accessories. Panels can be joined on or off-stud with stud spacing at maximum 600mm centres. Noggings must be provided at maximum 750mm centres.Rubix Panels must be installed on a Cavity System, using battens on studs and noggings. See Installation Cavity Wall Systems or Weathertex on Steel Frames Sections for preparation instructions prior to using the following installation instructions. Establish a horizontal datum line where, as a minimum, the bottom edge of the sheet overhangs the bottom plate by 20mm. Plan sheet Rebated Edges Rebated Edges layout with the rebated faces either: Top and Right OR Top and LeftA)at the top and the right of each sheet, orB)at the top and left of each sheetThe sheets must be oriented to ensure the upper sheets always overlap the face of the sheets below. Once the sheet orientation is chosen for the first panel, all sheets must be oriented in the same direction. Fixing Detail for External InstallationRefer to the Fasteners Section in this guide for information on selecting an appropriate fastener.Stud StudFixings must be provided at 150mm centres to the studs and plates nearest the edge of the sheet, and 300mm centres throughout the centre of the sheet to all underlying studs and noggings.Fixings must not lie within 38mm of the bottom and left edges of Nogging the sheet, and 46mm from the top and right sides of the sheet. If sheet is oriented differently, fixing positions must be adjusted accordingly.300mmBottom Plate For best results use counter sunk screws and fill with Polyfiller 150mm Large Cracks or equivalent flexible, paintable timber filler. Solvent 150mm based or two-part fillers such as epoxy are not suitable and cannot be used. Refer to manufacturers requirements for filler application.Stud Fixing Detail for Concealed Fix (Internal Installation only) When installing Weathertex Rubix Panel internally, there is the option to conceal the fixings. Fixing must be provided at 200mm centres around 200mmthe perimeter of the sheet through the self-locking tongue of the panel. The first row of panels must also be fixed at 200mm centres across the base plate. Using this method, the horizontal and vertical joins must fall on Nogging studs and noggings, respectively. The fixings will then be concealed by the 200mm 200mmcorresponding Self-locking section of the adjoining panels. NOTE: The Primelok Starter Strip accessory with a bead of adhesive may be used in lieu of the face fixings on the first row of sheets at the base plate if the Bottom Plate application does not utilise a skirting board to conceal these fasteners.200mm36'