b'EcoWall45mmFastener15mm90mm Small Z Flashing15mmInstallationOF ECOWALL PANELSEcoWallinstallationrequirestheuseoftheAluminiumDeepChannel5.Cut lengths of the Small Z Flashing to fit across the top edge of each Joiner(vertically)andSmallZFlashing(horizontally).Thestandardpanel between vertical joins. Slide Small Z Flashing into place over the TrimtecZFlashing(insteadofsmallZFlashing)shouldbeusedtop edge of the panel and level. Small Z Flashings should loosely butt whererelevantbetweenstoriestoallowforframesettlingandfloorinto the deep channel joiner at both ends to prevent deformation with compression.Thefollowinginstallationinstructionsmustbefollowed:expansion. Fasten the Small Z Flashing with a flat head nail to secure it to the nogging. Check alignment and level of Small Z Flashing across Step 1 - Deep Channel Joiner the wall as installation progresses. 6.The next row of panels can be easily positioned on the raised alignment nib of the Small Z Flashing. Always ensure vertical edges are level as Fastener Deep Channel Joiner15mm any tolerances can be taken up by the Small Z Flashing. Step 7 - 200mm Fastened90mm 45mm 300mm Alternate Design: Trimtec Long Vertical Aluminium Joiner may be used vertically instead of the Deep Channel Joiner1.The stud frame must be arranged so that all edges of the EcoWall Panel150mmare supported on double studs and double noggings (or rotated 90mm nogging). The Deep Channel Joiner is to be centred on the double studs 150mmand Small Z Flashing will align with the top edge of the rotated noggings.2.Any cut ends of Weathertex must be primed with a solvent-based exterior wood primer or an acrylic tannin resistant wood primer.3.Starting at a corner, install the first EcoWall Panel ensuring that vertical edge is level. Slide the Deep Channel Joiner into place. Deep Channel Joiners should run continuously over the height of the wall leaving a7.Once all panels are in place, each panel must be fastened off at 2mm control joint when butting full lengths together. 150mm perimeter spacings and 300mm centres down all intermediate 4.Continue to install the first row of panels in this manner. studs and noggings. 8.For best results use counter sunk screws and fill with Polyfiller Large Cracks or equivalent flexible, paintable timber filler. Solvent based or Step 5 - Small Z Flashing two-part fillers such as epoxy are not suitable and cannot be used. Refer to manufacturers requirements for filler application. EcoWall45mmNOTE:Deep Channel Joiners may become permanently deformed if allowed Fastener to bend. Store in a flat, shelteredposition to protect the channel ribs 15mm 90mm Small Z Flashing15mm Alternate Design: Z flashing may run continuous horizontally with deep channel joiners cut back to the panel heights35FastenerDeep Channel Joiner15mmEcoWall90mmSmall Z Flashing45mm'