b'Fixing DetailBefore installing the first Weathergroove Natural panel run a 5mm bead of silicone along the length of the Alcor to seal edge of the Weathergroove panel. When fixing the first Weathergroove Natural panel, use a level to make sure the panel is vertical before fixing off. Refer to the Fasteners Section in this guide for information on selecting an appropriate fastener. Drive fixings flush with the panel surface. No punching is permitted. NOTE:Where applicable by wind zone and frame type, ND50 S.S. Bradnails are the preferred fastener for Natural products. Bradnails provide a near hidden fixing due to the low profile head. Other types of fasteners may not provide an appropriate aesthetic for the Natural surface finish. When installing Weathergroove Natural stainless fasteners or class 4 screws must be used.600mm Maximum Stud Centres. Where required, Install cavity battens over flexible building wrap. See Installation Cavity Wall System section. Note: Cavity battens have been omitted from diagram for clarity.Horizontaljointsbetweenpanels usetheZ-flashingAccessoryand mustbesupportedbyadouble plate,row of double noggings or arotated90x45mmnoggingto achieve a 90mm back block.Vertical joints are located on a double stud and back flashed by a continuous 100mm wide strip of Alcor (see instructions above).Weathergroovemustonlybeinstalledwith grooves in the vertical direction. For horizontal groovedesigns,seeSelflokEcogroove installation.Fasten panels at 300mm centres at intermediate studs.Fasten panels at 150mm centres at outer most studs and top and bottom plates.LEFT External fitout in modular form: Weathergroove1200Pre-Primedand painted, off-stud installation. Cut panel heightsofWeathergroovetocustom sizes to create a panelised or bricklayed patterns.RIGHTInternalfitoutinSchool Gymnasium: Weathergroove 1200 Pre-Primed and painted. Joined off-stud using theWeathergroove aluminium joiner. Joiner may be painted or kept as anodised aluminium (silver) colour as supplied, as shown here. 34'