b'InstallationOF NATURAL WEATHERBOARDSThe Natural Weatherboard Range must be fixed according to the Traditional Fix instructions for Selflok Weatherboards. Traditional PC/ABS joiners are not suitable for the Natural Range. A joining option satisfying the desired finish should be chosen from the Natural unprimed Weatherboards heading within the Joining detailsSelflok section. Where applicable by wind zone and frame type, ND50 S.S. Bradnails are the preferred fastener for Natural products. Bradnails provide a near hidden fixing due to the low profile head. Other types of fasteners may not provide an appropriate aesthetic for the Natural surface finish. Fasteners must be stainless steel or Class 4 if screws.NOTE:Natural Products are composed of unsealed natural hardwood timber which may occasionally exhibit tannin bleeding. Consideration must be taken if installing unsealed Weathertex products above porous or light coloured features.InstallationOF WALL SHINGLESFirst Row: Set a horizontal datum line to align the first row. Allow a minimum overlap of 40mm. Fix a 35mm x 9.5mm strip of Weathertex 25mm up from the datum. Level the bottom edge of the board with the datum line. Fasten the bottom edge through the Weathertex strip into the timber framing. Fit Shingle joiners as work proceeds. Joining: Form joins progressively with 6mm shingle joiners that fit the rebated ends of the board. Do not force ends tightly together. Where possible, locate joins over studs. If joining between studs, fasten each adjoining shingle to at least two studs. Stagger joins throughout the wall.Successive Rows: Use the storey rod, lap gauge or Joiner to position Weatherboards and maintain uniform rows. Check rows for level. At laps, fasten through both Shingles into the stud. Use one fastener per stud, located at least 12mm from edges and ends.Drive fixings flush with the plank surface. No punching is permitted. Screws may be driven up to 2mm below the plank surface. Fill holes with Polyfiller Large Cracks or equivalent flexible, paintable timber filler. Solvent based or two-part fillers such as epoxy are not suitable and cannot be used.Step 3Install vapourpermeable membrane31'