b'InstallationSELFLOK WEATHERBOARDSNOTE:This section applies to the standard pre-primed Selflok Weatherboards. For Natural Woodsman Selflok products see the Section on the Installation of Natural Weatherboards. Traditional FixFirst Row: Set a horizontal datum or base line around the perimeter of the building. Rest the bottom edge of the first row of Weatherboards on datum line. Row heights around corners should be checked as work progresses to prevent creep. Note: for slab construction the plank may overhang the slab surface by 20-50mm. Fasten Weatherboards with two face fasteners at each stud keeping fasteners 12mm minimum from ends, 30mm up from lower Weatherboard edges and approximately 140mm apart. Fit joiners as work proceeds.Successive Rows: Rest the rebated edge of Selflok Weatherboards on the row below. Ensure there is proper engagement of the Selflok by applying downward pressure while fastening. Fix with two fasteners at each stud keeping fasteners 12mm minimum from ends, 30mm up from lower Weatherboard edges and approximately 140mm apart.Drive fixings flush with the plank surface. No punching is permitted. Screws may be driven up to 2mm below the plank surface. Fill holes with Polyfiller Large Cracks or equivalent flexible, paintable timber filler. Solvent based or two-part fillers such as epoxy are not suitable and cannot be used.Selflok Semi Concealed FixIn some Wind Areas (see Sections: Fasteners and High Wind Areas) Selflok Weatherboards can also be fixed with one fixing concealed. In this case, one fixing must be placed 30mm from the bottom edge of the plank and the second placed 15mm below the top edge of the plank. The latter fixing is concealed by the plank above when it is installed. All other factors of installation are according to Traditional Fix instructions above.NOTE:Bradnails may not be used for Semi-Concealed fixing. Semi-concealed fixing is not appropriate for steel frame construction when using nail fasteners.Top plateStud Step 1Check and straightenStep 2Soft sub-structures as required Install windows and appropriate Lining flashings for all penetrations and Quad Vapour permeableopenings. Refer to NCC requirmentsmembraneStep 3Install vapourpermeable membrane15mmStep 4Selflok Selflok Install the first row of selflok weatherboards. Plank may overhang slab at maxium 20 140mm - 50mm and must be isolated from masonry30mm 30mmTraditional Fix Semi-concealed Fix Step 5Install successive rows maintaining level and applying pressure to fully engage the selfloking edge Selflok while fasteningBottom Plate NoteOff stud joining accessories availableConcrete SlabSelflok Max. over hang 20-50mm Ensure required ground clearance is maintained(refer to general requirements)30'