b'INSTALLATION METHODSThe following product specific installation instructions are applicable to steel and timber frames for both direct fix and cavity systems. Fixing instructions are to be used in conjunction with information and requirements given in previous sections. Preparation for cavity fix and steel frame installation are given in previous sections. Additional drawing details are located on the Weathertex website (www.weathertex.com.au).InstallationOF CLASSIC WEATHERBOARDSSet a horizontal datum or base line around the perimeter of the building. Measure the wall height from the datum and determine the number of Weatherboard rows. Minimum overlaps are 20mm for classic and 25mm for rusticated planks. Row heights around corners should be checked as work progresses to prevent creep. First Row: Fix a 35mm x 9.5mm strip of Weathertex Weatherboard 5mm up from the datum. Level the bottom edge of the Weatherboard with the datum line. Fasten the bottom edge through the Weathertex strip into the timber framing. Fit joiners as work proceeds. Successive Rows: Use the storey rod, lap gauge or Joiner to position Weatherboards and maintain uniform rows. Check rows for level. At laps, fasten through both Weatherboards into the stud. One fastener per stud, located at least 12mm from edges and ends.Drive fixings flush with the plank surface. No punching is permitted. Screws may be driven up to 2mm below the plank surface. Fill holes with Polyfiller Large Cracks or equivalent flexible, paintable timber filler. Solvent based or two-part fillers such as epoxy are not suitable and cannot be used.NOTE: Primelok weatherboards should not be fixed in this manner - see installation of Primelok weatherboardsStep 2Top plate Install windows and appropriate flashings for all Stud penetrations and openings.Refer to NCC requirmentsStep 1Sofit LiningCheck and straighten Quad sub-structures as required Step 3Classic Vapour permeableInstall vapourTop plate membranepermeable membraneBottom plateStudConcrete slab Sofit Lining 35 mm QuadWeathertex strip Vapour permeable Classic membrane Ensure required ground clearance is maintained Bottom plate(refer to general requirements)Concrete slabStep 535 mmInstall the first row of Weathertex strip Classic weatherboardsEnsure required ground clearance is maintained(refer to general requirements)Step 6Install sucessive rows maintainig level and uniform rowsStep 4Install a 35 x 9.5mm strip of Weathertex Fix 12mm fromboard as a starting edges and ends strip NoteFix 12mm fromOff stud joining accessories availableedges and endsTraditional FixClassicTraditional FixClassic Ensure required ground clearance is maintained(refer to general requirements)28'