b'Joining Details -SELFLOK WEATHERBOARDSSELFLOK PLANK JOINING OPTIONS: Pre-primed Weatherboards - Traditional Plank Joiners:Form off-stud joins between Weatherboard ends using Weathertex Traditional PC/ABS Plank joiners.Each profile has its own moulded joiner to suit the particular product, refer to "Accessories" section. Form joints midway between studs and stagger randomly throughout the wall.Between each stud, joints must be supported by a continuous plank above and below (i.e. joiners may only align every second row).Reprime all cuts before forming joints. It is advisable to prepaint plank ends when using Traditional Joiners to avoid white lines either side of the Accessory after product contraction in dry conditions.Joiners may be cut to fit at heads, sills and eaves. 1. Fit joiner to an installed plank. Nibs in the joiner correctly space the control joint -do not force tight to prevent breaking the nibs.2. Rest the next plank on the plank below and firmly slide board across into the joiner.3. Joiners provide a tight fit to the board. A hand plane may be used to skim the back corner ofthe joining edge in the case of tight joints.Pre-primed Weatherboards - Trimtec Long Vertical Joiner:For quick and sleek installation, align weatherboards to form a single vertical off-stud control jointusing the Trimtec Long Vertical Joiner.Joiner must be supported by noggings at 600mm centres or positioned on a double stud.Joiner may be etch primed and painted or left as the original uncoated anodises aluminium finish. 1. Attach the aluminium joiner to the stud frame through the back flange at 1200 centreswith a flat head nail. 2. Nibs in the joiner provide correct control joint spacing. Do not install tight to the nibs.3. Planks may be slightly bowed to fit between two vertical joiners or slid in place from thetop before fastening off. Natural unprimed Weatherboards: Natural unprimed Selflok products do not use PC/ABS plank joining accessories. The following joining options are available for Selflok Natural product but may also be used for preprimed board. Refer to construction details on the next page.Trimtec Long Vertical Joiner - planks aligned in a single vertical joint (as above).Butt joint on stud - 3mm back flashed control gap.45o Mitre joined on-stud - back flashed slip joint. NOTES:1. Butt-joints may not be suitable for long walls greater than two full planks, particularly in very dry or very wet climates or walls in full sun.2. Expansion and contraction of timber with relative humidity can cause butt/mitred control joints to open and close after installation. If the aesthetic of open butt joints is an issue for the specific application, Weathertex recommends OFF STUD CONCEALED JOINERDETAIL OFF STUD TRADITIONAL JOINER DETAIL LONG VERTICAL JOINER DETAIL A OFF STUD CONCEALED JOINERDETAIL B OFF STUD TRADITIONAL JOINER DETAIL C LONG VERTICAL JOINER DETAILthe Trimtec Long Vertical Aluminium Joining method.A B CON STUD MITRE JOIN DETAIL ON STUD BUTT JOIN DETAIL ON STUD MITRE JOIN DETAIL ON STUD BUTT JOIN DETAILD E D EDRAWING NAME: SCALE: DRAWN BY: CHECKED BY: DATE: DRAWING SET No.: SHT SIZE DRAWING NAME: SCALE: DRAWN BY: CHECKED BY: DATE: DRAWING SET No.: SHT SIZEDIRECT FIX INSTALLATION - SELFLOK NTS A.MOATE C.O\'NEILL 09.08.18 CD-SL-D-02 A3 DIRECT FIX INSTALLATION - SELFLOK NTS A.MOATE C.O\'NEILL 09.08.18 CD-SL-D-02 A327'