b'FastenersThe table below displays the minimum length, gauge and head size required for fixing Weathertex products. Where applicable, refer to the High Wind Classification table when selecting a fastener. Installers must assure themselves that the appearance of the selected fastener is suitable for the intended use. Generally, head sizes in excess of 6mm or T and D head shaped nails may not produce a satisfactory finish on face fixed profiles. For unspecified systems, fixing lengths must be increased to allow for additional packing material.FIXING TO TIMBER FRAMES1- Primed BoardsPRODUCTTYPEMINIMUM REQUIRMENTS 2DIRECT FIX: CLASSIC & SHINGLES Hand Nailing 50mm x 2.8mm Weathertex Nail, Hot-Dip GalvGun Nailing 50mm x 2.5mm Ring Shank HDG, or ND50 SS Bradnails 8,9,10Screws 10g x 35mm Class 3DIRECT FIX: SELFLOK, PRIMELOK,Hand Nailing 50mm x 2.8mm Weathertex Nail, Hot-Dip GalvWEATHERGROOVE & ECOWALL Gun Nailing 45mm x 2.5mm Ring Shank HDG, or ND50 SS Bradnails 8, 9,10Screws 10g x 35mm Class 3WEATHERTEX CAVITY FIX: CLASSIC &Hand Nailing 60mm x 2.8mm, Hot-Dip GalvSHINGLES Gun Nailing 60mm x 2.5mm Ring Shank, Hot-dip GalvScrews 10g x 60mm Class 3WEATHERTEX CAVITY FIX: Hand Nailing 60mm x 2.8mm, Hot-Dip GalvSELFLOK, PRIMELOK, ECOWALL, RUBIX &Gun Nailing 60mm x 2.5mm Ring Shank, Hot-dip GalvWEATHERGROOVE Screws 10g x 60mm Class 3FIXING TO TIMBER FRAMES1- Natural BoardsPRODUCTTYPE MINIMUM REQUIRMENTS 2DIRECT FIX: SELFLOK, WEATHERGROOVE &Hand Nailing 50mm x 2.8mm, Stainless SteelECOWALL Gun Nailing ND50 SS Bradnails, 45mm x 2.5mm Ring Shank Stainless SteelScrews 10g x 35mm Class 4CAVITY FIX: SELFLOK, WEATHERGROOVE &Hand Nailing 60mm x 2.8mm, Stainless SteelECOWALL Gun Nailing 60mm x 2.5mm Ring Shank Stainless SteelScrews 10g x 60mm Class 4FIXING TO STEEL FRAMES4PRODUCT TYPE MINIMUM REQUIRMENTS 220MM PINE BATTEN +CLASSIC & SHINGLES Screws 10g x 60mm Self-Drilling Class 320MM PINE BATTEN + SELFLOK, PRIMELOK,Gun Nailing 50mm Gripshank StructNailWEATHERGROOVE, RUBIX & ECOWALL10Screws10 10g x 50mm Self-Drilling Class 31112MM POLYSTYRENE + CLASSIC & SHINGLES Gun Nailing 50mm Gripshank StructNailScrews 10g x 50mm Self-Drilling Class 312MM POLYSTYRENE +Gun Nailing 38mm Gripshank StructNailSELFLOK, PRIMELOK, WEATHERGROOVE, RUBIX & ECOWAL L10 Screws10 10g x 40mm Self-Drilling Class 311NOTES:1.Hardwood frames may omit the ring shank requirement for nail fasteners.2.Minimum requirements for fasteners must be met for performance and wind zone classifications to be applicable. Where specific fasteners are listed in the table, only the specified fasteners may be used in this case. Nails MUST NOT be over-driven. This can reduce the holding capacity of the Weathertex. 3.Wind zone classifications for Bradnails differ from flat head gun nails. See wind zone classification table for further information.4.Steel frame may be at minimum 0.55mm BMT. Recommended fasteners may not be applicable for steel greater than 1.2mm BMT. See section on steel frame installation.5.All fasteners must be galvanised or suitably coated to resist corrosion for external application (Australian Standard AS 3566, Class 3 for screws). When installed in high corrosion zones such as coastal locations, fasteners (nails and screws) must be made of materials appropriate to the desired life of the system and geographical location. Stainless Steel Nails and Class 4 Screws may be necessary in these zones. The advice of the fastener supplier should be sought.6.Drive fixings flush with the plank surface. No punching is permitted. Screws may be driven up to 2mm below the plank surface. Fill holes with a high quality proprietary grade, acrylic-based flexible paintable filler.7.If using a smart-bit style countersinking tool; the gauge of the screw must match the gauge of the tool to prevent movement issues.8.Bradnails are not suitable for use with Primelok products or Semi-concealed fixing of Selflok products.9.Bradnails are not recommendedfor use on Smooth profiles as the T head may create an undesirable surface finish. Bradnails are an excellent choice for use with Woodsman and Ruff-Sawn profiles.10.For Natural Board use screw fix only on steel frames. 11.Screws must be Class 4 for natural board21'