b'Fire Resistance of Building ElementsSpecification C1.1 Fire Resistance of Building ElementsIn addition to identifying the applications where combustible cladding may be used, Speciifcation C1.1 lists the minimumFire Resistance Level (FRL) for several building elements (including internal and external walls).Fire Resistance refers to the graded ability in minutes of a construction element to resist a fully developed fire, as determinedby AS 1530.4, for the following criteria:STRUCTURAL ADEQUACY INTEGRITY INSULATIONThe ability to maintain The ability to resist the The ability to maintain astability and adequate passage of \x01ames and hot temperature over the wholeload bearing capacity kg gases as speci\x7fedof the unexposed surface belowas determined by kg as determined by that speci\x7fed byAS 1530.4 AS 1530.4 AS 1530.4kgStructural stability: the ability to maintain stability and adequate load bearing capacityIntegrity: the ability to resist the passage of flames and hot gasesInsulation value: the ability to maintain a temperature over the whole of the unexposed surfaceResults are expressed in minutes in the order above (e.g. 60/60/60). Note: a dash means that there is no requirement for that criterion (e.g. 90// means there is no requirement for an FRL for integrity and insulation, and // means there is no requirement for an FRL).Weathertex7|'