b'Specification C1.1 - Non-combustibility RequirementsIn the most recent cases of wall cladding product non-compliances such as the 2017 London Grenfell Tower and 2014 Melbourne Docklands Lacrosse Apartments; the suitability of combustible cladding for high-rise construction has been scrutinized.In Australia, the National Construction Code requires, for Type A and B construction, that all external and common walls to be non-combustible (as determined by AS 1530.1). Type C construction does not carry this requirement and combustible cladding may be used for external walls and still comply with the performance requirements of NCC Section C.Additionally, Specification C1.1 lists concessions which allow combustible external wall cladding for Type A and B low rise construction in Class 2 and 3 buildings. Refer to the two concessions below (directly referenced from NCC 2016 Amendment 1Volume 1).Weathertex|6'