b'The Value of Innovation - Performance SolutionsWith the 2019 review of the NCC by the Australian Building Code Performance Solutions are a great opportunity for innovation and Board and relevant professional committees, there has been acreativity. This compliance pathway is intended to encourage the focusondrivinginnovationandarchitecturaldesignthroughintroduction of new materials, technologies and methodologies thedevelopmentofPerformanceSolutionsforproductsandwhichcouldachieveanewefficiency,cost-reductionor applications which may not fit the cookie-cutter scope of currentimprovement in the environmental impact of construction whilst DtS solutions. stillmaintainingahighperformancestandard.TheAustralian Building Codes Board has stated that the use of a performance Many applications of combustible cladding (e.g. balcony linings, based approach to compliance provides practitioners with a strong attachments to concrete structures, isolated feature walls, blade degreeofflexibilitytodeterminethemostappropriatemeans walls etc.) can sensibly achieve the required fire safety performance fordemonstratingcompliancewiththerelevantperformance criteria of Section C of the code with the right fire protection design. requirements.ThePerformanceSolutionreportisusuallypreparedbyan appropriatelyqualifiedfireengineerwhocandemonstratetheConsequently,WeathertexTimberWeatherboardsand applicationmeetsthefiresafetyPerformanceRequirementsArchitectural Panels can be considered for internal and external for acceptance by the projects building certifier/surveyor. As acladding applications outside the DtS solutions provided that a Performance Solution for the use of combustible materials willPerformanceSolutiondemonstratesthebuildingdesignand likely influence the design of other characteristics of the building,product application meets the relevant fire safety Performance the ABCB advises that the fire engineer, building certifier/surveyorRequirements of the NCC.and the local firefighting authorities are involved at an early stage in the project.ReferencesABCB WebsiteABCB, 2018, NCC 2019 Amendment 1, Building Code of Australia: Volume One - Class 2to 9 Buildings. Canberra: Australian Government and States and Territories of Australia.ABCB, 2019, Advisory note,Class 2 and 3 buildings: Concessions for use of timber framing and/or non-combustible materials.EWPA, 2009, Fire Resistance Requirements within Australia and How To Choose TheRight EWPAA Certified Product To Comply With The BCA: ewp.asn.au/library/downloads/ewpaa_fire_resistance.pdf Last issued: November 2019Weathertex|14'