b'WTimber Cladding DtS Compliance SummaryWeathertex icks eathertex TAll the Boxes Description Maximum Rise ConditionsBuilding Class In StoreysSingle house/terrace house/town-houses/villa 1a & 1b units/duplex/small boarding house (TorrensN/A See Vol 2 - Garage/carport/sheds/shelters/pergola/fence N/A See Vol 2 - C Construction2 Multi-storey Apartments (Strata Title) 2 See NCC Vol 1C1.1See NCC Vol 1C1.5Hotel & Motel/Boarding house/hostel/student/ Type C Construction3 backpacker lodging 2 See NCC Vol 1C1.1Healthcare accommodation See NCC Vol 1C1.55, 6, & 7 Office building/shops/caf/restaurant/ 2 Type C Constructionbar/kiosk/showroom/carpark/warehouse storage See NCC Vol 1C1.18 Factory/workshops/laboratory 2 Type C ConstructionSee NCC Vol 1C1.19a & 9b Hospitals/Health Care/School/University/Public1 Type C ConstructionHall See NCC Vol 1C1.1Type C Construction9c Residential Aged Care Facility 2 See NCC Vol 1C1.1See NCC Vol 1C1.5All Classes Weathertex as Internal Wall LiningGroup 3No Limit See Vol 1C1.10MaterialC1.2 Calculation of rise in storeysa.The rise in storeys is the sum of the greatest number of storeys above finished ground level.b.Storey is not counted ifi.it is situated at the top of the building and contains only heating, ventilating or lift equipment, water tanks, or similar service units or equipment; orii.it is situated partly below the finished ground level and the underside of the ceiling is not more than 1m above the average finished level of the ground at the external wall, or if the external wall is more than 12m long, the average for the 12m part where the ground is lowest.C1.5 Two storey Class 2, 3 or 9c buildingsA building having arise in storeys of 2 may be of Type C construction ifa.it is a Class 2 or 3 building or a mixture of these classes and eachsole-occupancy unit hasi.access to at least 2exits; orii.its own direct access to a road oropen space; orb.it is a Class 9c building protected throughout with a sprinkler system (other than a FPAA101D or FPAA101H system) complying with Specification E1.5 and complies with the maximum compartment size specified in Table C2.2 for Type C construction.Table C2.2 Maximum Size of Fire CompartmentsClassification Type C - Construction5, 9b or 9c Max Floor Area3 000 m2Max Volume18 000 m3*For additional types of building requirements a Performance Solution is required. 6, 7, 8 or 9a (except for patient care areas) Max Floor Area2 000 m2Max Volume12 000 m3This information is to be used as a guide, and is in no way a substitute for the NCC and related State and Territory legislation. The information in this publication is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the information undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of the information to their particular circumstances. For latest NCC updates visit Weathertex website.Weathertex13|'