b'WE COMPLY:NCC regulations and Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) provisionsRESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL HOME/GUEST(2 storeys & underground carpark)HOUSEClass 8 Class 1 & 10HOTEL/MOTEL(inc. HOSTEL/BACKPACKER/STUDENTTOWNHOUSE ACCOMMODATION)(2 storeys &VILLA underground carpark) DUPLEXClass 3 Class 1SHOP/OFFICE/ APARTMENT WAREHOUSE (2 storeys & underground /CARPARK carpark)(2 storeys & SHOP underground carpark) Class 2Class 5, 6 & 7HOSPITAL/ RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLAGED CARE(1 storey & underground(2 storeys & underground carpark) carpark)Class 9a & 9b Class 9cIndustrial & Commercial Residential & Apartment*For additional types of building requirements a Performance Solution is required.Weathertex|12'