b'Weathertex Ticks All the BoxesAs the winner of Architecture & Designs Most Trusted Brand 2016/17 & 2018, and ACA supplier of the year 2018, Weathertex places safety as a number one priority. Weathertex timber cladding has undergone extensive third-partytesting to ensure compliance with the latest DtS requirements and verification methods.Weathertex products are made from a reconstituted blend of Australian native hardwoods from NSW pulp wood forestry operations. The unique process steam pulps and compresses the hardwood fibre blend into a highly dense exterior grade board product. No chemical additives are required for bonding and the final product retains the natural fire resistant properties of the Australian hardwood timbers used.While individual testing certificates are available on request, Weathertex has compiled and summarised all third party and internal quality testing results in two document available on the Weathertex Website:1.Weathertex Certificate of Physical Properties2.Weathertex Product Technical StatementThe following sections of this document specifically detail Weathertex compliance with the DtS provisions of Part C & G of the NCC for Weathertex weatherboard and architectural panel products.C1.10 Weathertex & Fire Hazard PropertiesWeathertex has been third party tested In accordance with AS/NZS 5637.1, as referenced by Spec C1.10. Weathertex is classified asa Group 3 material with an average specific extinction area of 38.7m2/kg. Weathertex is therefore deemed to satisfy for use as a walland ceiling lining anywhere a Group 3 material is allowed in accordance with Table 3 of NCC specification C1.10. Please refer to table on page 9.Part G5 Weathertex & Bushfire AreasWeathertex has been assessed by a third party against the requirements of AS 3959 and an assessment report is available on request.Weathertex has an average product density of 1020 kg/m3 and the manufacturing process controls the supplied timber specification toonly source fire resistant timber species as listed in Appendix E of AS 3959. Weathertex meets the material physical properties required for use in BAL LOW, BAL 12.5 and BAL 19 areas.Weathertex11|'