b'M Design Trends 2020Midnight ShadowWhen it comes to artistic design, the Midnight Shadow is unique and distinctive with a chic ultra-modern look, one that can be easily achieved with Weathertex cladding. A Midnight Shadow design scheme bears a strong resemblance to a livable, modern art gallery. The exteriors of this ultra-cool style are flawlessly squared, geometric in proportion and are often of a sleek, dark hue. Both inside and out, Midnight Shadow is a strong study in clean, angular lines and timeless refinement.In many ways, Weathertex products are the paint on the canvas needed when creating the Midnight Shadow design style; making for a masterwork of modern design. Use primed Architectural Panels or Weatherboards to achieve this look or stain our Natural range in a char-esque colour.We have been using Weathertex products for over ten years. What a fantastic, innovative company. Timeless simplicity in design underwritten by a strong quality guarantee keeps us coming back for more. Love the look and love the install.Bill U DirectorSTUDIO I ARCHITECTSWeathergroove 150 Smooth 7'