b'Design Trends 2020Dream it beforeyou build itWith Weathertexs new Inspirational Designs Virtual App, you can beholdTry the Inspirational and envision your ultimate dream home or project, all the while tweaking and modifying its design to real life proportion. Designs Virtual App Bring your fresh ideas for indoor and outdoor designs to life with thistoday!handy virtual app. Access our Design Gallery to select, mix and match from Weathertexs wide range of building profiles to discover the products, colours and materials that will make your project a stunning, totally functional reality. Define and complete your design vision by, for example, sampling and changing paint colours on cladding, driveways, roofing and more. If you already have a completed design or renovation idea (say you want to re-clad an existing area), simply upload your design photo to the Inspirational Designs app and witness (in full colour and high definition) how Weathertex profiles can transform your project area. This app also empowers you to print, save and share your perfect finished design with your customers and clients, friends and family, as well as with the host store that will be supplying your Weathertex products.34'