b'Design Trends 2020PPrefabPrefab houses are back in style and more stylish than ever!Modern prefab homes are large in scale and huge on style. Although these amazing structures still can be built in a matter of days, they can also have the look and scale of any attractive, comfortably livable home.Boasting rich, sustainable materials that will render these perfect prefab homes built to last.Weathertex products line the walls of todays prefab homes because of their sustainability, lightweight ease of handling, simple installation and sleek style. Although these homes are built quickly and with relative ease, they bear the strong, sturdy, long lasting distinction of a home sure to stand tall.Building on the rich, classic tradition of prefabricated housing (with some of the first prefab houses tracing their history to England in the 1600s), they are efficiently formed from pure, sustainable timber and woods that is respectfully sourcedfrom nature, coming together to form a portrait of green buildings.With a little help from Weathertex, prefab becomes pre-PREBUILTfabulous!Weathergroove 150 Woodsman31'