b'Design Trends 2020Contents1 Midnight Shadow6Go Natural12The Hamptons16Simple Symmetry20Interiors242 3 Sustainability 28Prefab 30Tiny House Movement324CoversFRONT COVER Creation Homes,Tessa Developments & Reddoor Architects 1. Varrowview Homes, Classic 200 Smooth2. Bodev Constructions, Winner of the UDIA QLD Awards for Excellence for Medium Density Developmentfor 2019Weathergroove 1200 Smooth & Selflok Ecogroove 150 Smooth Weathergroove 150 Smooth, Selflok Ecogroove 150 Natural5 3. Studio I, Weathergroove 150 Natural4. Hampshire Homes, Selflok BACK COVER Core 9 by Beaumont Concepts, Weathergroove 150 Natural Ecogroove 300 Smooth5. Studio I, Weathergroove 150 Smooth3'