b'Design Trends 2020S to eliminate exposure to toxic ingredients. Weathertex provides SustainabilitySince 1964, Weathertex has been the preferred cladding solution of many builders, architects and designers all overtheir customers with third party product accreditations such as the world, by offering a wide range of high quality timberGlobal GreenTag certifications, Product Health Declarations (PhD), cladding; including weatherboards, architectural panels andEnvironmental Product Declarations (EPD)and the Living Future wall shingles. Institutes Declare Label, which assists our customers to fully understand exactly what goes into our products.Massive investments have been made in Weathertex over many years in order to support production, improve paintingWeathertex ticks all the boxes;it has a better than zero carbon facilities and introduce modern computerisation systems.footprint and they are the first manufacturing company globally to 100% Australian family owned & operated and haveachieve a Platinum GreenTag certification on their Natural range. consistently employed more than 100 local people for over 50 years. Weathertex is also proud to have been voted Most Trusted Building Brand twice in a row in the Architecture & Designs biennial Trusted Weathertex only uses PEFC certified state forest or privateAustralian Construction Industry Brands surveys.hardwoods from controlled sources. The logs are chipped, pulped and steam pressed with 3% natural wax to make Australian, eco-friendly timber products that are completely natural, with no glues, resins, formaldehydes or silica.Amazing consumer trust and commitment to quality and More than ever, consumers and specifiers want to rise abovesustainability. These guys are a highly ethical company marketing greenwash and are looking for transparency inthat are fast becoming recognised in Australia as well as their building products; whether it is to verify point of origin,around the world.understand environmental impacts, or because they wantSimon T Building Designer28'