b'We are pleased and proud to present Sustainable Design Trends for 2020; a look at some of the prominent, stylish and sustainable design trends making waves across Australia and around the globe. Weathertexs revolutionary, ecofriendly and sustainable products are the natural choice in innovative design for the coming year and well into the future.Appreciating and enjoying the expert knowledge and master craftsmanship behind the projects showcased in the following pages, we hope that you will be inspired and motivated to create your own innovative takes on these ground-breaking new designs. Balancing art and function, style and sustainability, strength and flexibility, Weathertex products offer a design edge which will enhance your residential and commercialbuilding projects.Green building is not just a style choice these days, its a path of action that we must take to save our industry, our environment, and our world. At Weathertex, we are just as passionate about sustainability and the environment as we are about its adornment. This is why our products are manufactured from responsibly-sourced, natural materials, and applied in ways that shield, sustain, stylise and individualise each design. All Weathertex products are unmatched in their environmental credentials, are versatile and are incredibly efficient to install. Weathertex proves that being sustainable, while essential, can also be beautiful.Lets work together to sustain and preserve Australias built environment and we hope that Weathertex will play a primary role in your next residential or commercial project.In the meantime, please enjoy Sustainable Design Trends 2020.Paul MichaelJason OHaganChairman Managing Director'