Fern Bay Public School

Weathertex sustainable hardwood timber cladding was selected for the Fern Bay Public School Learning Hub project, the first in a planned rollout by School Infrastructure NSW of ‘Designed for Manufactured Assembly’ (DfMA/factory-built) modular classroom projects.

Sustainable Building Materials For New Home Builders

Weathertex with the collaboration of Kitome Homes explain the benefits of using certified sustainable building materials when building a new home.

Souter Built Project “The Cottage”

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Woodonga West Primary school & early living center – NOW Architecture
pavillions – Bronxx constructions & mkd architect
Angular abode –
tempus design studio
“Australia is a country of contrasts from the boiling hot sun of summer to the…”

BCA Compliance Document Class 1 – 10 BCA Compliance Document Class 2 – 9 Physical Properties Guide What is Weathertex made from? Weathertex is 97% Australian hardwood timber and 3% natural wax for added…

“…Element Builders built the home in just 16 weeks, which is 3-4 times…”

Brick has been readily available as a building material largely because Perth has a large resource of clay. Also, most of Metropolitan Perth is on the Swan Coastal Plain, which has very well draining sandy soil that…

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“It has a great warranty; it is termite resistant and you can use it up to Bal 19…”

I originally worked in the travel and tourism industry for a large number of years, in the marketing division.I decided I was going to pack up my 25 year career and I was going to do something different, so I left….

“We need termite proof building materials, that is exactly what Weathertex…”

MiHaven is a construction company specialising in building cyclone rated high quality housing appropriate for tropical environments and remote locations. The company also operates a construction training school that…


“Builders love installing the product, because the installation process is so…”

Driscoll Carvey Building Design and Interiors was established 2 years ago, by Tony and myself. For the first 6 months, it was just Tony and I, but now we have a lady in the office helping us out answering the phone…


“Weathertex helps us to create a modern, contemporary, but also a classic…”

Wolfdenebuilt is the construction arm to Wolfdene who are developers. Within the Wolfdene office, there are our Marketing and creative design team, Planning and Construction design teams and Wolfdene Real Estate as…


“It is relatively cheap, resilient and termite resistant which are good…”

We are a very small company with about 5 employees in total. We focus on designing the complete range of residential projects from low to high budgets and together with the commercial side we have been kept busy for…


“I have been selecting Weathertex cladding products for almost 20 years for…”

Our firm is a multi-discipline firm incorporating architecture, interiors, urban planning, heritage work and sustainable design. Our head office is based in Nowra. However, we generally work in the area covered along…


“Weathertex is made from forestry waste products via a low impact…”

I started up the business in 1978 and quickly built a reputation for building warm, comfy houses with lower bills and environmental impact and it just snowballed. The business varied in size with up to 5 employees at…


“The product is very sturdy and environmentally friendly, we had a few off…”

When I was a teenager I stayed at a friend’s amazing holiday home near Jamberoo, south of Sydney. It was designed by her father, an architect. Both left a great impression on me. At that time I was studying for my…


“I love the concealed joiners on the Ecogroove product, even when it is…”

I started out as a mechanic, went on to landscaping but was always drawn to building. I remember when I was in primary school and the local church being built. They were up to the stage of putting the roof on and I…


“It was a turning point for me, as we were using a lot of fibre cement…”

My father was a builder, I grew up on building sites, so I had a pretty good idea of how things went together and worked. I always thought I would be in the building industry; I had always enjoyed art, tech drawing…


“Working with highly corrosive salt environments the Weathertex Selflok…”

Architecture began for me in high school when an uncle asked me to design him a new home. Later, I began my proper working career as a kitchen designer (after trying waiting and shaping surfboards) then progressed to…


“Weathertex is a trusted company and brand, so it ticks all of the boxes for…”

Mavid Construction was first formed in July 2011 by my father and I. It has two different companies operating underneath it, being Mavid Construction and Mavid Properties. Mavid Construction deals with the…


“The bi-product from the cladding material was sawdust used to create the…”

Schreiber Hamilton Architecture or SHA as we have come to be known has emerged as a remarkable and rewardingly successful practice. Kevin and I began with a vision to create high quality architecture with a pragmatic…


“Our family home is clad in Weathertex, it is 43 years old and is still…”

We have been in business for the last 20 years building re locatable offices for house and land developers, who use these buildings for sales offices, which is what they used to use to sell their own house and land…


“Weathertex is easy to use, you do not need a special set of tools to cut the…”

AAD Build is a design and construction company in north western Sydney, we have won several awards for sustainable construction and design. We have 10 full time employees. AAD Build officially began in 2005.


“Weathertex was a product that was easier to work with…”

I studied in Melbourne as an architectural draftsman & worked there for a number of years. In 1991, I made the move to Bendigo to follow job prospects due to recession, from 120 applicants I was awarded the job….


“Its low maintenance and lightweight properties make it the perfect choice…”

Beaumont Concepts Building Design was established in 2000 with an emphasis on providing high quality, sustainable, innovative design and drafting services for residential projects such as extensions, renovations, new…


“Weathertex is the perfect product. It is timber, it does not split and it is…”

I began as a cadet engineer. I was attending university at night and working during the day as a draftsman, for which I had a natural flare. After a few years, I was earning as much as an engineer, so I dropped out of…