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Weathertex is currently updating our Revit files and revamping the Revit BIM Virtual Showroom for our product ranges. Our main goal is to design, build and implement a higher quality BIM library for all Weathertex products.

Before we go ahead and revamp Revit files for the full range of Weathertex profiles, we have upgraded 4 of our profiles so far to get feedback from industry experts. The 4 profiles upgraded are:

  • Selflok Ecogroove 150 Smooth
  • Selflok Ecogroove 150 Natural
  • Weathergroove 75 Smooth
  • Weathergroove 150 Natural

To assist in updating the Revit files, Weathertex is conducting a short survey (5 mins) to get feedback about the updates so that we can make improvements and adjustments based on customer feedback. The information from the survey will be used to improve the upgrade for the complete Weathertex range.

Weathertex has created a short survey with an incentive! Please complete this survey and opt in as a subscriber for a chance to win $200 Weathertex visa debit card.  Winner will be selected based on the most informative and constructive feedback received by 30th April 2020.

Download files packaged

Classic – All Packaged

Classic Smooth 200 – 12.23MB
Ruff Sawn 200 – 12.3MB
Classic Smooth 300 – 12.32MB
Classic Ruff Sawn 300 – 12.4MB
Classic Rusticated Smooth – 12.29MB
Classic Rusticated Ruff Sawn – 12.35MB

Rubix Panel – ALL PACKAGED

Rubix Panel Smooth – 11.91MB

EcoWall/High ImpactBoard – ALL PACKAGED

EcoWall/High ImpactBoard Smooth – 11.82MB
EcoWall/High ImpactBoard Woodsman – 11.97MB

Natural Weatherboards – ALL PACKAGED

Selflok Ecogroove 150 Natural – 8.06MB
Selflok Ecogroove 300 Natural – 8.12MB
Selflok Vgroove 150 Natural – 8.17MB
Selflok Vgroove 300 Natural – 8.1MB

Natural Architectural Panels – ALL PACKAGED

Weathergroove 150 Natural – 11.94MB
EcoWall/High ImpactBoard Natural – 12.17MB
Weathergroove 300 Natural – 13.32MB


Classic Shingles Ruff Sawn – 12.43MB

Weathertex Textures

available for download

Download our custom Weathertex Textures to use on your next 3D rendering. Textures for all our products are included in the download below. File size is approximately 1mb.

RVT Files

The rvt file extension is associated with Revit Architecture, a Building Information Modeling software developed by Autodesk. The rvt file contains Revit project created and saved in the program.

How to load the material library
The Weathertex cladding component contains manufacturer specific render materials
These materials have been included in the download from
Revit will try to find these materials automatically in the following directory:
The first time you use this component you will need to copy the images contained in the ‘Materials’ folder
included in the download, and paste into the ‘Altro’ file as above (note you may need to create the folder structure
if you have not used RubySketch components with custom materials before)
The materials will now load the custom render finishes from this location

How to use the Weathertex files
1. Ensure you have your RVT project open
2. Open the RVT file WallCladding_Weathertex.rvt downloadable from
3. Select the desired wall type from the color ranges above (hold Ctrl to select multiple)
4. Copy the wall types using the Copy to Clipboard button located on the Modify section of the ribbon
5. Return to your RVT project and use the Paste from Clipboard button on the Modify section of the
ribbon to load the wall types into your project, they will now be selectable from the wall types drop down menu

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