In the Limelight

Weathertex have been stepping into the limelight more and more recently, winning the MBA 2017 National Export Award – for Products and Manufacturing, and we were also finalist of Architecture and Designs 2017 Sustainability Awards in the Building Product category. This is a big step up from our small town roots of the Raymond Terrace (NSW – just outside of Newcastle) factory.

Our 2017 achievements, coupled with winning Most Trusted Brand proves this is a company to keep your eyes on. These awards reflect a company that’s becoming more and more unique in the modern Australian landscape – a 100% Australian owned and manufactured company that provides jobs to regional towns, able to walk the walk in ‘eco-friendliness’ through third party accreditation, with a product that’s good enough to compete on a global scale.

Consumers worldwide have ever increasing interest in knowing what exactly are in products, and ours 97% Australian hardwood timber and 3% wax ingredients answers this need perfectly.

 100% Australian owned and manufactured company that provides jobs to regional towns, able to walk the walk in ‘eco-friendliness’ through third party accreditation, with a product that’s good enough to compete on a global scale

Weathertex, Leading the Way

Weathertex has been continually leading the way in cladding that keeps the important issues in mind. That’s why we’ve been working hard to adopt developing environmental credentials that allow us to be fully transparent with out customers.

We’ve been leading the way with our Global GreenTag Certification, as we were the FIRST manufacturers GLOBALLY to receive the highest ranking ‘Platinum’ score for our Natural Range. Global GreenTag’s globally trusted Certification standards are recognised in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Africa and SE Asia elsewhere and in over 70 other countries.

Since then, we’ve continued to work with Global GreenTag to be fully transparent with the ingredients and risks in our products. The PhD (Product Health Declaration) and Declare label let consumers know exactly what the ingredients and risks are in building products, which enables them to make the best decisions in products that will be used in the home.

We believe it’s choices like this that made us the Architecture & Designs #1 Most Trusted Brand for 2016, and we are continuing to make trust and transparency important features of Weathertex.

We are the #1 most trusted brand 2016!

With 341 nominated brands and a total of 13,456 votes, Weathertex Australia is proud to announce been voted NUMBER 1 Top Trusted Brand for 2016.

“An amazing product. Truly sustainable, strong, aesthetically pleasing and easy to work with. You can achieve both contemporary & modern finishes with the profiles available & have in painted or raw.  One of the greatest building claddings on the market.”

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Our newest whitepaper goes on to look at the price misconception, and how products with accreditations such as the EcoSpecifier Global GreenTag certification can actually be specified without blowouts to project budgets.  Sustainable products doesn’t need to cost the earth.


We’ve been featured in the October’s issue of the Architectural Product News.  Showcasing our natural range and recent Sydney project.

Specs tool

Check out our latest online Project Specifications Tool.  You can now sort through our various profiles and formats according to your project specifications.  At the end you get a specifications report with all the relevant documentation.  See how easy it is to use!

chris exner
Weathertex Talks WITH

WeathertexTalks with Chris Exner, Senior Associate at Rotheloweman about market trends and using our own Weathertex products in his own home and recent holiday renovation.

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See our latest Natural Range flyer outlining the various styles and treatments you can achieve using our unprimed
weatherboards, cladding and architectural panels. Create the look you’re after with Weathertex natural range.


We regularly review our products to improve our ranges and installation systems and design new, better innovative solutions to our customers.  As part of our recent developments, we’ve made some changes to our accessories.