Australia’s Leading Supplier of Timber Weatherboards for Homes

Building modern weatherboard homes? Undergoing renovation and need new exterior wood cladding? Weathertex is a specialist exterior wall panels supplier and weatherboard company offering the best quality products available on the market. From classic to modern styles, we offer all the cladding and timber wall panelling you need for projects of any size, and are committed to keeping our prices as affordable as possible so that you can enjoy quality products without blowing your budget.

Why choose our lightweight, natural timber exterior wall cladding systems?

Weathertex is the manufacturer preferred by builders, architects and designers for projects all over the country, with history dating back to 1939 and a fully Australian owned and operated team. We offer a range of high quality timber house wall and panel cladding, wall shingles, weathergroove and more made from PEFC certified state forest or private hardwoods that have absolutely no chemical additives. We are committed in playing a role in improving the sustainability of Australian construction products and practices. Recently they’ve been through a rigorous evaluation from Global GreenTag to determine the “green performance” of their products and they are proud to announce they’ve been the FIRST GLOBAL manufactured product to receive a Green Tag Platinum certification with a GreenRate Level A for their natural range products. They also received Gold certification for our primed flat cladding (Classic/ Selflok) and wall panel sheets.

We even guarantee our Australian-made, eco-friendly cladding won’t crack, split or rot for 25 years.

Trusted in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and beyond

Easy To Use

  •  Easy to install: one person required for for weatherboard installation, not brittle and will not crack.
  •  Easy to cut using standard woodworking tools
  •  Can be sawn or cut indoors.
  •  No silicones or adhesives required to install.

Good for the planet

  •  Australian made and owned.
  •  First Global manufactured product to get Global Green Tag Platinum certification for their natural cladding and wall panel range.
  •  Better than zero carbon foot print.
  •  100% natural: 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax.
  •  Termite resistant: all sugars and starches removed.
  •  No chemical additives: no artificial glues, resins or formaldehydes and no silica’s.

Saves you Money

  •  Low maintenance: on average, repainting is required every 15 years.
  •  Value for money: lightweight product, single person installation.
  •  Longevity: natural Australian timber, made to last.
  •  Warranty: not to rot, split or crack for 25 years.

We understand that our customers need quality house and wall cladding they can rely on. That’s why we manufacture our weatherboard and panelling to the highest possible standard and offer them at a price that won’t break the bank.

Our wall panelling and external cladding systems tick all the boxes

Whether you are looking for architectural panels, house cladding or timber weatherboards for sale in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere else in Australia, Weathertex have you covered. View our range online to browse weatherboard prices and make a purchase for prompt delivery to your location. If you have any enquiries, contact us online or call 1800 040 080 and we’ll be happy to help!

People     Weathertex

  • "Its low maintenance and lightweight properties make it the perfect choice"
    We chose Weathertex because it utilizes carbon neutral manufacturing with environmentally sustainable Australian hardwood.

    Beaumont Concepts
  • "Weathertex is easy to use, you do not need a special set of tools to cut the product."
    Weathertex looks after my company and myself very well, and to me, that is the most important thing.

    AAD Build