Easy To Use

  •  Easy to install: one person required for installation, not brittle and will not crack.
  •  Easy to cut using standard woodworking tools
  •  Can be sawn or cut indoors.
  •  No silicones or adhesives required to install.

Good for the planet

  •  Australian made and owned.
  •  Better than zero carbon foot print.
  •  100% natural: 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax.
  •  Termite resistant: all sugars and starches removed.
  •  No chemical additives: no artificial glues, resins or formaldehydes and no silica’s.

Saves you Money

  •  Low maintenance: on average, repainting is required every 15 years.
  •  Value for money: lightweight product, single person installation.
  •  Longevity: natural Australian timber, made to last.
  •  Warranty: not to rot, split or crack for 25 years.

People     Weathertex

  • "Its low maintenance and lightweight properties make it the perfect choice"
    We chose Weathertex because it utilizes carbon neutral manufacturing with environmentally sustainable Australian hardwood.

    Beaumont Concepts
  • "Weathertex is easy to use, you do not need a special set of tools to cut the product."
    Weathertex looks after my company and myself very well, and to me, that is the most important thing.

    AAD Build